Power-to-Gas cluster presents future hydrogen plans for Terranova Solar at Zonneberg-Lampiris Event

  • Posted on: 20 February 2017
  • By: Isabel François

On Wednesday February 15, the event  'Droom van groene stroom' ​took place in Gent, organised by Lampiris and Zonneberg (cooperative linked to Terranova Solar).

The Flemish Minister of Energy Bart Tommelein explicitely mentioned his belief in the hydrogen technology as one of the important solutions in the energy transition.

Terranova Solar, which is the largest solar plant in the Benelux, is currently exploring innovative energy storage solutions based on batteries and hydrogen and is an active member of our Power-to-Gas cluster.

On the event, speakers from the Climate Leadership Corps, ODE, Terranova Solar and Lampiris were present; WaterstofNet presented the hydrogen story.