Power-to-Gas cluster visits Energie Park Mainz

  • Posted on: 15 March 2017
  • By: Isabel François

On Tuesday 21/2 a group of about 20 people from the cluster had a very inspiring visit to the EnergiePark Mainz.
We got a very warm welcome from the people from Siemens: Marc De Volder (Siemens France),
Frank Taelman (Siemens Belgium) and Martin Kopp from Hochschule RheinMain - Fachbereich
Ingenieurwissenschaft. They explained the way of working of the installation and reveiled the technical and economic potential of this power to gas plant.

The installation in Mainz consists of a 3,75MW ​electroyser (6MW peak, incl. overload capacity), connected to a 10MW wind park, with a H2 storage capacity of 1000kg. The yearly H2 production is about 200 ton.

The electrolyser is supplied by Siemens, the plant is owned by Stadwerke Mainz (grid operator) and Linde.

6 to 7% of the produced H2 is injected in the natural gas grid; the major part of the H2 is sold by Linde to industrial customers.