Colruyt Group

Main activities: 

The small family business of old has grown into a large family of businesses. On the one hand, it has always been in our genes to want to do a lot ourselves stemming from a certain pride and faith in people. For instance, we burn coffee ourselves, generate green energy and create all our communication in-house. On the other hand, we have signifi cantly expanded our commercial activities: DreamLand, OKay, Bio-Planet, DreamBaby, Collivery, Collect&Go and Spar joined.

Initially, Colruyt served as parent company for all these other activities until they grew into mature enterprises and felt the need to become independent and organise and profile themselves in their own ways. This resulted in Colruyt Group; a group of equal sister companies. Thanks to this redivision, a common identity as a link between the sister companies was required. This identity translates into a mission statement and nine group values.

Experiences with H2:

The group has been a pioneer in hydrogen for many years. 


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