Positive reception of inspiring Power-to-Gas conference

  • Posted on: 15 May 2018
  • By: Liesbet Van der...

The Power-to-Gas conference held at Horta, Antwerp on Monday the 7th of May was received positively. There was a high turnout with more than 200 attendees, of which 75% came from industry. The public gathered lots of new insights on the latest technology and international experiences with regard to the main theme of the conference: ‘from renewables to hydrogen’.

The conference focussed on different aspects such as hydrogen production, storage, transport, legislation and the role in the future energy system. The highly topical content was provided by speakers of Colruyt Group, Engie, Cefic, Hydrogenics, Siemens, Hydrogenious, E-Trucks, Tractebel, Isvag, Total, FCH-JU, Hydrogen Europe, UGent, TU Delft, Terranova Solar, Vlaio and WaterstofNet. The event was closed by Philippe Muyters, Flemish minister for Innovation, and was organised with the support of Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO).

Download the presentations:

Opening address
Bert De Colvenaer; Chairman Board WaterstofNet

‘Flemish industrial cluster policy’
Annie Renders; Head of Unit Cluster Policy at Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen/VLAIO)

‘Flemish Power-to-Gas cluster and developments in Flanders and the Netherlands’
Isabel François and Adwin Martens; Project Manager and Director at WaterstofNet

‘European developments in electrolyser technology; technical and economic outlook’
Nikolaos Lymperopoulos; Project Officer at Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) 

'Power-to-gas perspectives for Colruyt Group’
Jonas Cautaerts; Business Developer at Colruyt Group

‘Experiences with power-to-gas technologies in international projects’
Filip Smeets; Managing Director On-site Generation at Hydrogenics Europe N.V.

‘Hydrogen storage and transport via LOHC as key vector to enable sectoral integration’
Dominik Herzog; Business Developer Manager at Hydrogenious Technologies GmbH  

‘The Green Hydrogen Economy in the Northern Netherlands’
Ad van Wijk; Professor Future Energy Systems at Technical University of Delft


‘Green hydrogen in industry and energy applications’
Eric Klein; Head of Sales and Project Management at Siemens
‘EU Legislative framework for implementation of hydrogen in different applications’
Nicolas Brahy; Director at Hydrogen Europe

'Hydrogen and breakthrough technologies in the chemical industry’
Pierre Barthélemy; Executive Director Innovation at European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic)   

‘Vision of Engie on the role of hydrogen in the future energy market’
Caroline Hillegeer; Director Strategy and Technology Prospection at Engie

‘Sunshine project: Hybrid energy storage for solar and wind energy at Terranova Solar’
Noël D’Hondt; Project Manager at Aertssen
Rocio Nallim; Project Manager at Total-Gas Renewables & Power, R&D, France
Jan Desmet; Professor Renewable Energy at University of Ghent

‘From Waste to Wheels: Garbage trucks fuelled by hydrogen from waste energy’
Ben Cornelis; Project Advisor at E-trucks
Olivier Opsomer; Manager Production & Maintenance at ISVAG
Eric Gosseye; Business developer Hydrogen & Energy generation at Tractebel

Closing speech by Philippe Muyters, Flemish Minister of Work, Economy, Innovation and Sports


Have a look at the photo report for an impression of the day.


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