Scope and Objectives

The Platform Power to Gas cluster was created as a follow-up of the Power to Gas Roadmap study for Flanders (2014-2015), that has analyzed the different Power to Gas options available today and determined how the Flemish industry can position itself in this future market. One of the conclusions of this roadmap study is that hydrogen and Power to Gas demonstration projects are required in Flanders to increase our expertise and develop markets and regulations. Another observation is that there is already a strong hydrogen industry in place in Flanders with key international players having production sites in Flanders.  Also regarding renewable energy production we have a lot of important players, with e.g. large wind and solar production sites in the North Sea and in the ports of Antwerp and Ghent.

The ambition of the Power to Gas Flemish cluster is to gather these companies, operating in different fields that are complimentary with respect to the power to gas market, such that they can reinforce each other with their specific knowledge and experiences. 

About 40 interested companies have gathered in the cluster and have been selected for financial support in the framework of the “IBN” (Innovatieve Bedrijfsnetwerken ) of the Flemish Government (“Agentschap Ondernemen”).  The partnership is coordinated by the vzw WaterstofNet. Members are active in renewable energy, hydrogen or gas technology, hydrogen mobility (fuel cell applications) or network operations (gas and electricity network).  The cluster is open for new members that can contribute to the realization of the objectives and are complementary to the initial partners.


  •  Knowledge exchange and knowledge build-up with respect to power to gas concepts 
  •  Development and realization of power to gas demonstration projects in Flanders
  •  Creation of innovative business models to enable a future profitable power to gas market
  •  Positioning of the Flemish industry in the European Power to gas market
  •  Being an prominent partner on Flemish/Belgian level in strategic discussions with respect to the transition towards renewable energy and the potential of hydrogen in this field.


Learn more about the cluster here.